About Groovicats Ragdolls

About us 


Our ragdoll story began when I needed a cat to sit on my knee. In February 2000, I brought home Chesawood Rollo, my loyal and companionable friend. 


Belles litter

Rollo was followed by Silkiestar Belle and then Spiritdancers Mosaic (Lilli) The Groovicats legend was born in April 2003 with Belle's first litter of beautiful ragdoll kittens sired by Ragsnriches Apollo
We live in Lancashire though you will find our ragdolls throughout England,Scotland and Wales. We also have our French connection. 
We like to share our Ragdolls with others on the show bench and with those who welcome our kittens into loving homes. We hope you enjoy our web site. Feel free to email or ring if you would like to know more about this wonderful breed.


Sue at Groovicats