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Bobby's Red Card Day June 07, 2014
Groovicats Razzmatazz, Crackerjack and Cosmic Blues went to The Merseyside show on Saturday.  Cosmo won First and BOB in his very first show wi... [MORE]

Georgie makes Premier! April 06, 2014
Georgie and I went to the Midland Counties Show where he gained another challenge certificate from Mrs Prowse to make him up to Premier. Well done, ... [MORE]

Wins across the board for Groovicats March 08, 2014
Lancashire cat club show-Groovicats Belcanto  (Georgie gained a third PC but needs another to become a premier as Mrs Butters has liked him twi... [MORE]

Raphael's Red Card Day...again! January 11, 2014
This weekend our club TBRCC held its 12th but first go-it-alone show. The cream of ragdoll cats were there, including a bunch of Groovicats. Our vet... [MORE]

Freddie wins the Grand!!! July 20, 2013
The usual suspects went to the Gwynedd Show where we had a great day despite the warm weather.Emmeline made friends with Candice-Candice Kisses Kitt... [MORE]

Freddie, Bonnee and Emmeline out again! June 15, 2013
We went to the Lakeland show-Freddie won his second Grand Challenge and the BOB and two firsts, Bonnee won two seconds and Emmeline won her breed cl... [MORE]

Emmeline's First Show... June 01, 2013
Emmeline, our baby tabby girl, behaved beautifully at her first Merseyside show, gaining three second classes. Did I mention that Bonnee got Reserve... [MORE]

Baby Ellen settles in... May 19, 2013
Groovicats Ellen is settling in with her new family ... [MORE]

Trophies for Groovicats April 27, 2013
Last Saturday the Hon. Sec. of The British Ragdoll Cat Club brought round the trophies we had won at the AGM... SILVESTER-Dollshouse Trophy-Best bl... [MORE]

Raphael & Grandson Freddie... February 23, 2013
At the Coventry & Leicester Show Raphael won the BOB and his grandson Freddie, Groovicats Diamond Jubilee, won his third Challenge Certificate t... [MORE]

The Shropshire Show February 02, 2013
Raphael and Silvester spent the day at the Shropshire Show. Their manners were impeccable but on the day their judges in their titled classes gave t... [MORE]

Groovicats at Breed Show! January 05, 2013
Raphael. Freddie and Bonnee all went down to Coventry for the British Ragdoll Cat Club Show. They all behaved beautifully. Freddie, not yet 10 month... [MORE]

Freddie triumphs in his first outing as an Adult! December 08, 2012
I took Freddie and Lucan to the LH and SH Show in Sheffield. Freddie won Best of Breed, his first Champion Challenge Certificate and came First in h... [MORE]

Freddie at The Supreme!! November 24, 2012
Freddie won Best of Breed and First in his Breed class. I watched Sheila Hamilton judging ragdoll kittens for three hours-a Masterclass- thankyou!! ... [MORE]

LUCAN and FREDDIE October 13, 2012
As well as meeting up with my dear friend Jane at the Cumberland Show today my bonny boys won again! Lucan gained his third Challenge Certificate in... [MORE]

Freddie-another red card day!!! September 29, 2012
Groovicats Diamond Jubilee came first in his breed class and his three side classes at the NorthWest Cat Club show at Leigh on 29th September- well ... [MORE]

Groovicatsfour times winners in Manchester September 01, 2012
Manchester & District Cat Club Show- Groovicats Lucan won his second CC, Groovicats Figaro (Milo)  was Best in Class, Most friendly adult, ... [MORE]

Diamond Jubilee and Silvester double winners August 11, 2012
Silvester won his first Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed at the Chester Show on a very hot Saturday. Baby Diamond Jubilee followed up his suc... [MORE]

Silvester and Charlie and Belle Isle's kitten Diamond Jubilee behaved beautifully at the Lakeland Show. Silvester came second (again!) in his Breed ... [MORE]

Ist and BOB for Groovicats Juvenal March 24, 2012
At the Preston and Blackpool Cat Club Show Juvenal won 1st and BOB in his first ever kitten class, Silvester came 2nd in his class and Bonnee won 1s... [MORE]

The British Ragdoll Cat Club Championship Show 2012 My 'gentle giant' stud boy UK & Imperial Grand Champion Silkiestar Raphael won his first ... [MORE]

BONNE ANNEE and FIGARO at the Cheshire Show November 12, 2011
Bonne Annee won her first Grand Challenge Certificate and three firsts and a second in her side classes. Figaro won his first Grand Master Cat!! ... [MORE]

Milo stars again! September 24, 2011
Milo (Groovicats Figaro) won his Master Cat title again-thereby hangs a very fluffy tale! And on her first outing Groovicats Ana Nueva won second an... [MORE]

Silvester and Milo at the Chester Show August 15, 2011
Groovicats Silvester -brother of Bonne) came 1st in his Kitten Class Open and won 1st, 2nd and 3rd in his side classes, behaving beautifully all day... [MORE]

Bonne Annee !st & BOB June 18, 2011
At the Lakeland Cat Club Show Groovicats Bonnee Annee Gained 1st and Best of Breed in her kitten class and three firsts and two seconds in her side ... [MORE]

Everybody's take-home baby April 26, 2011
Groovicats Stars'n'Stripes won her Kitten Open Class at her first show, the Preston & Blackpool  Cat Club Show. Baby sister to Millie (Groovi... [MORE]

Lancashire Show at Wigan March 12, 2011
Raphael won Reserve Imperial GCC, Grand Challenge Certificate, BEST OF BREED and various side classes.... [MORE]

Raphael another Imperial GCC! February 26, 2011
At the Coventry and Leicester Show Raphael on form winning another Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate, Grand Challenge Certificate, BEST OF BREE... [MORE]

Raphael at The British Ragdoll Cat Club Show January 09, 2011
Raphael won four Firsts and Reserve Grand Champion, as usual a popular choice with visitors.  ... [MORE]

Another triple whammy for the Groovicats!! November 13, 2010
Groovicats Elyssia won her second CC and the BOB, Groovicats Tosca (Millie) gained her first CC and Groovicats Figaro ( Milo) won his first Mastercat!... [MORE]

Northwest Cat Club Show, Charlie & Lyssi win again! September 25, 2010
Elyssia won her first Challenge Certificate and Chalie( Groovicats Future Legend) won the BOB... [MORE]

TRIPLE WHAMMY at the Merseyside Show!! June 05, 2010
Groovicats Future Legend (Charlie) won Ist and Best of Breed...this makes him upto CHAMPION. Groovicats Tosca  (Millie) won 1st and Best o... [MORE]

Groovicats Blue Angel wins her first CC May 01, 2010
Groovicats Blue Angel, thanks to her loving owner Sarah and family, won her first Challenge Certificate at the Manchester Show.... [MORE]

Champion Groovicats Kokomo had a red card day at the Preston & Blackpool Show, winning Best of Breed, Reserve Grand Champion and first in every other March 27, 2010
... [MORE]

Groovicats Elyssia March 18, 2010
Elyssia won first in her Open kitten class-and Best of Breed - at the Lancashire Show... [MORE]

Raphael and China's son Charlie Best of Breed September 26, 2009
Raphael and China's son Charlie (Groovicats Future Legend) won Best of Breed in his kitten classes at the Northwest Cat Club Show.... [MORE]

BEST IN SHOW January 10, 2009
Raphael won Best in Show at The British Ragdoll Cat Club Show 2009... [MORE]

RED CARD DAY FOR RAPHAEL December 31, 2008
Cheshire Cat Club Show November 2008- Raphael won every class and Best of Breed-yet another red card day! He gained his fifth Imperial Grand Challenge... [MORE]